Picture Books

Foxtrot, Becka Moor, Little Bee Books, 2015  
The Three Ninja Pigs, David Bedford, Simon & Schuster, 2015  
Moo La La, Stephanie Shaw, Simon & Schuster, 2016  
Sir Boris the Brave and the Tall Tales Princess, Marc Starbuck, Egmont,  2018
Oh Pantemonium, Peter Bently, 2022


Libby and the Parisian Puzzle, Jo Clarke, Firefly Press, 2022
Libby and the Highland Heist, Jo Clarke, Firefly Press, 2023

The Famous Five: The Birthday Adventure, Enid Blyton, Hodder, 2019
The Famous Five: Five to the Rescue, Enid Blyton, Hodder, 2020
The Famous Five: Timmy and the Treasure, Enid Blyton, Hodder, 2021
The Famous Five: The Runaway Dog, Enid Blyton, Hodder, 2022
The Famous Five: Message in a Bottle, Enid Blyton, Hodder, 2023

Super Cats, Gwyneth Rees, Bloomsbury, 2019
Super Cats vs Maximus Fang, Gwyneth Rees, Bloomsbury, 2019
Super Cats vs Dr Specs, Gwyneth Rees, Bloomsbury, 2020

Mickey and the Animal Spies, Anne Miller, OUP, 2020
The Trouble with Moles, Anne Miller, OUP, 2020
The Missing Spy, Anne Miller, OUP, 2021

Wigglesbottom Primary: The Toilet Ghost, Pamela Butchart, Nosy Crow, 2015
Wigglesbottom Primary: Shark in the Pool, Pamela Butchart, Nosy Crow, 2015
Wigglesbottom Primary: The Magic Hamster, Pamela Butchart, Nosy Crow, 2016
Wigglesbottom Primary: Super Dog, Pamela Butchart, Nosy Crow, 2017
Wigglesbottom Primary: The Classroom Cat, Pamela Butchart, Nosy Crow, 2019
Wigglesbottom Primary: The Breaktime Bunnies, Pamela Butchart, Nosy Crow, 2020
Wigglesbottom Primary: Dino Chick, Pamela Butchart, Nosy Crow, 2021
Wigglesbottom Primary: The Talking Lamb, Pamela Butchart, Nosy Crow, 2022
Wigglesbottom Primary: Book 9, Pamela Butchart, Nosy Crow, 2023

St Grizzles School for Girls, Goats and Random Boys, Karen McCombie, Stripes, 2017
St Grizzles School for Girls, Ghosts and Runaway Grannies, Karen McCombie, Stripes, 2017
St Grizzles School for Girls, Geeks and Tag-along Zombies, Karen McCombie, Stripes,  2018
St Grizzles for Girls, Gremlins and Pesky Guests, Karen McCombie, Stripes,  2018

Goodly and Grave in a Bad Case of Kidnap, Justine Windsor, HarperCollins, 2017
Goodly and Grave in a Deadly Case of Murder, Justine Windsor, HarperCollins, 2017
Goodly and Grave in a Case of Bad Magic, Justine Windsor, HarperCollins, 2018

Violet and the Pearl of the Orient, Harriet Whitehorn, Simon & Schuster, 2014   
Violet and the Hidden Treasure, Harriet Whitehorn, Simon & Schuster, 2015   
Violet and the Smugglers, Harriet Whitehorn, Simon & Schuster, 2016   
Violet and the Mummy Mystery, Harriet Whitehorn, Simon & Schuster, 2017  
Violet and the Mystery of Tiger Island, Harriet Whitehorn, Simon & Schuster, 2018  

The Royal Babysitters, Clementine Beauvais, Bloomsbury, 2014
The Royal Wedding Crashers, Clementine Beauvais, Bloomsbury, 2015
The Royal Bake Off, Clementine Beauvais, Bloomsbury, 2015
The Very Royal Holiday, Clementine Beauvais, Bloomsbury, 2016

The Crabtree School Series (1-4) Lauren Pearson, Scholastic, 2015

Owen and the Onion, Maudie Smith, Orion, 2015

Joe and the Dragonosaurus, Berlie Doherty, Barrington Stoke, 2015

Toad Attack! Patrice Lawrence, Barrington Stoke, 2019

Cover Art

How Not to be Weird, Dawn McNiff, Piccadilly Press, 2016 

         The Accidental Pirates: Voyage to Magical North (UK Edition), Claire Fayers, Macmillan, 2016  
             The Accidental Pirates: Journey to Dragon Island (UK Edition), Claire Fayers, Macmillan, 2017
Mirror Magic, Claire Fayers, Macmillan, 2018
Storm Hound, Claire Fayers, Macmillan, 2019             

  The Porridge Plot, Che Golden, Alma Books, 2017

Because Mummy Said So,  Shari Low, Head of Zeus
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